The New Pool

Pools don’t come cheap, in 1957 parents arrived with pitchforks and dug the pool themselves. Health and safety now makes this impossible – and the costs are sobering:

  • Phase 1: Extend and refurbish the existing changing rooms £70,000     COMPLETED
  • Phase 2: Build the new, extended pool £255,000
    Building can start in January and the pool will be ready for an April 2019 opening.)
    (The school has given £105,000, we need to raise the remaining £150,000 by Christmas.)
  • Phase 3: Construct the enclosure for the new pool £265,000

    We want to get the pool back in use as soon as possible, so fundraising for this will continue over a two-year period, once the pool is re-open

    Total Fundraising Target = £415,000

In the next 60 years, we estimate that more than 8,145 children will learn to swim in the newly built pool. These children will learn to swim for FREE, to put it into perspective:

To take the whole school swimming for half a term would cost £15,212.40 or £18.11 per child. This excludes transport costs and doesn’t take into consideration the loss of learning time to complete.

Our school is one of the only schools in the borough to offer on-site swimming lessons to all year groups. The Avenue offers every child in school the opportunity to learn to swim, so 945 children a week swim in the pool (for approx. 16 weeks). With the addition of the enclosure we’re planning all-year swimming, so 38 weeks.

Swimming also provides essential health benefits for children:

  • Fitness – increases balance and flexibility
  • Health – reduces the risk of childhood obesity
  • Provides strength and co-ordination
  • Water safety – drowning is still one of the most likely causes of death in children
  • Confidence building
  • Emotional wellbeing – swimming can be a relaxing and enjoyable activity

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